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About Haus Of Blon

Carly Zaver is the Founder and Creative Director of Haus of Blon - an independent design studio and consultancy specialising in restaurant, bar, office and residential developments. 

Prior to founding the studio, Carly started her career working for leading design and architectural practices and has received many accolades and industry recognition for her work, including acclaimed restaurants for Chef Vivek Singh and Michelin Star brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Carly and her multidisciplinary team work with clients to elevate, transform and create beautiful and meaningful environments, ranging from luxury residential homes to independent cocktail bars and dynamic office spaces. Bringing their wealth of knowledge and timeless sense of refinement, Haus of Blon works to deliver clients’ aspirations by interweaving style, function and experience into every project. 

The studio’s recent and current clientele includes Black Rock Restaurant Group, Roffey Homes, The Kitchen Store and Hilton Hotels amongst many others. 



Carly Zaver
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